Three Month Trip Across America

Boyd and Evans started working together in 1968. They have travelled extensively to find images for their work, including periods in the Malaysian Peninsula and Borneo. Their most enduring obsession though is with the landscape of the United States (particularly the South West). This research has formed the majority of their artistic output whether it be painting or photography. Although probably better known as painters, photography has always been a serious integral part of their practice. To start with their photographs were mainly source material for the paintings, capturing images when it wasn’t practical to paint them. But recent years have seen a shift in their work. Extensive research and experimentation have resulted in an increasing understanding of how photographs can be reformed to convey the essence and substance of a landscape which otherwise could only have existed in their mind’s eye or as pigment laid down on canvas.

Boyd and Evans have returned to America where they will spend the next 3 months travelling, photographing and researching the land. This time will not only be a chance to develop a new body of work but also, and perhaps most importantly, it will be an opportunity for Boyd and Evans to rediscover their obsession with the American Landscape. 

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Washington State, Olympic Peninsula

The Palouse WA

Little Goose Dam WA

Pronghorn Antelope OR


Wells NV

State Road 30 UT

Ogden UT

Saltair UT

Mussentuchit UT

Moab UT

Potash UT

Castle Valley UT